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Creating a Plan to Achieve Your Goals in 2022

2022 is right around the corner. Your social media feed is probably filled with people talking about the goals they are setting for the new year, right? Even I’m talking all about goal setting and how important it is in your day to day life.

But once you set a goal, what comes next?

Most of the time, we forget that having a goal can only take us so far. We need to ACTUALLY act on that goal in order to see real progress in our lives.

So, how can we do this?

You might have seen my SMART Goal Planning Template for Notion. SMART Goals take new goals to next level by using a tactical approach to goal setting. Let’s break it down to get started.

What are SMART goals?

  • S: Specific — What do I want to accomplish, why is it important, and are there any people, places, or things that are involved in making this goal happen?

  • M: Measurable — How will I know when I’ve accomplished this goal?

  • A: Achievable — How can I accomplish this goal? Is it reasonable given my current financial standing, environment, energy level, etc?

  • R: Relevant — Is this the right time for me to be working towards this goal?

  • T: Timely/Time Frame — When do I want to accomplish this goal by? 2 weeks, 6 months, a year?

You can reference my free notion templates to get started!

Now that we know the basics of setting SMART goals, how can we begin to make a plan to achieve our goals?

A plan is a vital part of achieving your goals. The best way to make a plan is to look at the daily, weekly, and monthly tasks you need to do in order to make progress. Let’s get started!

3 Step Goal Planning Method

Step 1: Establish 3 monthly goals that support who you want to become and what you want to achieve.

  • Ex: I want to eat healthier, become physically stronger, and get better sleep.

Step 2: Establish 3 small goals you can work towards this week to meet your bigger goal.

  • Ex: If your big goal is to become physically stronger, maybe your 3 smaller goals will be to 1) run 1 mile under 10 minutes, 2) complete a 30 minute strength training workout without stopping, 3) try out a new exercise that is outdoors.

Step 3: Establish 1 task you can do every day to meet your goal:

  • Ex: If you want to start eating healthier, maybe your one task is to make a nutritious breakfast to start your day off right.

If you follow these three steps for every goal you set, your chances at actually succeeding will rise significantly.

I encourage you to sit down with a pen and paper or on your phone/computer today and work on your goals for 2022!

Set yourself up for success - future you will be grateful for it.

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