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hellooo dry january!

Looking for some mocktail inspo for the new year? Here's one of my current favorites! This is a kombucha based drink that is so good it's ridiculous. And the best part? You only need 3 ingredients!!

recipe below!


Sweet Sweet Kombucha

what you'll need: 

-   guava kombucha

-   lemonade

-   a lemon slice

let's make it! 

1) mix 2 parts kombucha with 1 part lemonade

2) cut a lemon slice and float on top

Optional: rim glass with lemon & sugar


Sparkling Cranberry

what you'll need: 

-   cranberry juice

-   sprite/club soda/7up

-   rosemary 

-   a cute mini candy cane!

let's make it! 

1) mix 2 parts cranberry juice with 1 part sprite

2) garnish with some rosemary and a candy cane

Optional: rim glass with lime & sugar


The "Mangorita"

what you'll need: 

-   mango juice

-   ice

-   mint

-   cucumber

-   lime

let's make it! 

1) mix 2 parts mango juice with 1 part lime juice

2) add a few sprigs of mint to the mixture and blend with 1 cup of ice

3) garnish with a folded cucumber & mint! 


Summer Sunrise

what you'll need: 

-   lemon

-   sprite/club soda/7up

-   orange juice

-   mint

let's make it! 

1) muddle some mint along with 2 parts orange juice and 1 part sprite

2) squeeze in half a lemon

3) garnish with some mint or a lemon slice!  

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