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My Favorite Productivity Method and How to Use it

There are a bunch of productivity methods out there on the Internet, and over the course of trying to find the one that works for me, I found that some of them are simply too complicated in order to be efficient.

The Pomodoro Method breaks down productivity and work systems in a way that is understandable and easy to use.

Ever since I found it, it's my absolute go to productivity method, and today I'm going to teach you how to use it.

The Pomodoro method sections of specific time periods, notably in increments of 25 minutes.

By tackling projects in stages instead of all at once, your mind is able to focus more intensely on what's in front of you.

After every 25 minute period, you then take a five minute break to regroup. There are also other options for breaks, including a long break which can extend to 15 minutes.

These options allow you to be a little bit more flexible with your productivity and also allows you to take a break when you need it.

It's important to remember that when you're using various productivity methods, you need to find one that is applicable to your work style and lifestyle.

There is a Pomodoro app and website that you can visit in order to keep track of your time without any other distractions.

This is another reason why I love this specific method, because the simplicity that it brings to work and study time is really beneficial to people who have trouble focusing on certain topics for extended periods of time.

In fact, as I'm writing this blog post for you to read, I'm using the Pomodoro method right now.

This just goes to show how applicable it is to any situation or task (another reason why I love it!)

I really hope that this helps give you an idea of another productivity method you can use to help increase your efficiency and maximize your use of time.

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving weekend, and I'll talk to you all next week on the blog!

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