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I created The Life Daily after spending nearly a decade trying to learn how to become my best self. A big part of that journey has been learning how to build a positive relationship with myself, and I want you to be able to do the same.


Enter The Life Daily Self Love Journal. In it, you'll find 100 journal prompts to guide you through your self-love journey. I've used journaling as a form of self-reflection and connection for a while now, and the benefits I've experienced are incredible. One of the hardest parts about journaling is knowing what to write, and using a prompt journal is one of the easiest ways to get started.


This Digital Journal is compatible with your iPhone, iPad, or Computer. I prefer to use it on my iPad on apps like Goodnotes and Notability. If you decide to use it on your computer, each line is fillable as well.


What's in The Life Daily Self Love Journal?

- 100 Self Love Journal Prompts


What to expect after you order?

- You'll receive 1 PDF digital journal! :) While this is a digital file, you can definitely print it out if you want as well! 


Please note that this is a digital download! After you receive it, I recommend trying out a few different apps to see which one works best for you. Two that I personally use are Goodnotes and Notability, but feel free to do other research to find one that works for you. 


Since this is a digital file that is automatically sent out after purchasing, I'm not able to offer refunds. But if you have any questions prior to purchasing, feel free to send me a message and we can chat! :)


NOTE: All files included in this listing (The Life Daily Self Love Journal) are original to The Life Daily & Hope E Watson. The files are for personal use only and cannot be resold or distributed in any form. If there is a violation of these terms, legal action may be pursued.

The Life Daily Self Love Journal