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Why You Shouldn't Fear the Holiday Season!

There seems to be this common misconception that during the holiday season, real estate slows down.

Because of this, people tend to wait to list their home until the new year. I’m here to tell you why listing your home now can actually be beneficial to you, and you should really consider it.

Inventory is slowing down, at least in Las Vegas. This means that if an out of state buyer needs a home for the holidays, they will likely pay more for a home they want since competition will be on the rise.

A lack of inventory means that if you’re a seller, you have a certain advantage if you choose to list your home now. Your home will likely receive more traffic, and therefore you will also likely get your home sold quickly if marketed, presented, and priced appropriately.

Another perk of listing your home during the holiday season is that decorated homes show well! It’s no secret that staging a home increases the sale price, the amount of showings, and the number of positive first-impressions.

If you have the opportunity to capitalize on the season and get more money for your home, why wouldn’t you?

I’m sure you’re also wondering about the stresses of listing your home during this time of year. Well, lucky for you, if you still want to live in your home until it sells, you absolutely can!

With the power of scheduled home showings, you can live out the holiday season in the comfort of your home without worrying about delaying the time period you have to sell.

This is why working with an agent, like myself, can greatly help you show and sell your home with as little stress as possible.

Selling your home during the holidays can be a great experience, so think about it, and if you have questions, let me know!

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