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Why You Need a Morning Routine and Where to Start

Have you ever woken up not knowing where to start or what you have to get done that day? This is a common dilemma that many people run into when they don’t have a strong morning routine in place. So, the question becomes…how do we fix this?

I’ve spent years trying to figure out what the best strategy is for curating a morning routine that works for you. Personally, I struggled with knowing what to prioritize in the critical morning hours. Seem familiar yet?

After considering what worked, and what didn’t, I narrowed it down to three areas. Health, Growth, and Maintenance.

These three categories are all important to your morning routine, and here’s why.

If your health is a priority to you, then the morning hours might be your opportunity to actualize measures to improve your wellbeing. Exercising, eating well, meditating, and even just going for a walk are all key ways to improve your health every morning.

The area of growth is for those of you who want to increase your knowledge, understanding, or skillset in a way you haven’t before. Think of those tasks that get lost during the day – reading a book, studying, etc.

When you don’t actively seek growth, you won’t see the progress you want. Instead of “waiting until you have some downtime” to do what you need to do to grow, make that time for yourself every morning. Simply reading 10 pages a day can start to transform the way you live.

Lastly, maintenance is for those tasks that need to get done every day or every week. Think of any mundane items on your to-do list that slip away if you don’t keep reminding yourself of them. Tidying your home is a big one here, and so is doing laundry, watering your plants, or doing the dishes.

This area of your morning routine gives you time to catch up on the tasks that need to routinely get done, so give yourself scheduled time to do so.

When you combine these three areas into a routine, you’ll really start to see the benefits. The problem that many people have when trying to work out every morning or start eating a healthy breakfast is that it isn’t worked into a scheduled routine. If you just expect yourself to habitually do these tasks without any practice, you might be setting yourself up for disappointment.

This is why you need a morning routine. There is no specific goal in mind, but rather a system or schedule that you put in place and commit to doing every day. Once it’s done, you’ll have a kickstart to your day before it even begins.

I hope this helps give you a bit more insight into why a morning routine is important to success. If don’t think mornings will work for you, this same mentality can easily be applied to a night routine as well.

The point of this was to show you that routines are a critical aspect to beginning and maintaining the habits you want to have in life. Instead of setting goals, set routines to help get you there.

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