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The Most Overlooked Part of a Home

When you first walk into a home, where do you look?

I can already hear some of the, master bedroom, backyard, etc.

While there isn't anything wrong with paying attention to these areas (obviously they are important!), I wanted to bring your attention to the most overlooked part of a home that I always check for my clients.

The laundry room.

Now I know what you might be thinking - why the laundry room? That's exactly the type of question I usually address, and it contributes to why it is such an overlooking area in the home.

The laundry room will tell you a few things about a home, and it's important to consider it as you think about whether or not to purchase a home. Let's talk about the two questions you should ask yourself about the laundry room.

1. Proximity to bedrooms.

Is the laundry room close enough to the bedrooms? I can't tell you how many times I've heard people complain about the notorious trip to the laundry room - why does it have to be so far away?

If you're someone who knows they do a lot of laundry, this is something to consider!

I only say this because I've heard people's complaints in this area, and they always say that they just didn't think about it when they bought the home.

If it's not a big deal to you, then you're all set! But if laundry is already a taxing task for you, then maybe it's something to consider.

2. Quality of workmanship.

The most important thing I tell my clients when looking at the laundry room is to address the quality level. Do you see the same level of quality in the laundry room as you do the bathrooms? The kitchen?

After visiting and working on some flip properties, I've found that sometimes builders will cut corners in the laundry room since people don't necessary look there too often.

But people don't realize how often you might actually be in that room!

If you notice some quality issues in the laundry room, it is sometimes an indication on the quality concerns in the rest of the home.

Just something to think about from my personal experiences.

So, the next time you go to see a home, take a look at the laundry room! Don't overlook it - it's more important than you may realize.

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