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The Home Office is Trending and Here’s Why

With all of us taking up more responsibility by doing our work solely from home for the safety of our communities, we have seemed to run into a common issue. Where do I do my work when I’m not in my office?

Yes. The idea of working from home seems exciting sometimes, after all, you could wear whatever you want, and no one would ever know. But there’s only so long we can try to work from our bed or our couch or even our kitchen table. Eventually, there comes a time when we need to have a workspace – a home office.

According to REALTOR® Magazine, home offices are receiving a crazy amount of attention given so many people have turned to work from home.

That’s right! A space in the comfort of your home that is dedicated to working. Seems contradictory to some, but the reality of it is that the home office poses a solution to decreased productivity while at home.

People are finding spaces in their homes where they can truly sit down (preferably at a desk) and start their day with a higher sense of normality. For some, this may mean that an entire room is curated to fit the needs of a home office. But for others, maybe your home office is a small desk in the corner of your bedroom.

The point is, home offices are trending, and it’s for good reason. Today, I’ll be breaking down three reasons why people love their home office, and I’ll even have a few tips in this week’s podcast about how you can design a space that works for you (so tune in Friday morning!)

1. It allows people to differentiate work life from home life (while still being in the same place).

With the increased amount of working from home, I’ve seen people struggle with separating work from home. That intrepid work-home balance. This is an issue that people have run into before this pandemic, but now, it’s even harder.

Shutting your home brain off can be difficult if your environment isn’t changing; and the same goes for trying to turn on your work brain.

This is why having a separate space to differentiate work from home can truly be vital to success. When you create a home office, you allow yourself to engage in different mentalities depending on where you’re at in your home. This is something that I personally do with just a simple desk, and it does make a huge difference.

PRO-TIP! Don’t allow yourself to participate in “home” activities in your workspace. That means no Netflix, no lounging, no laziness. Your workspace is designed for productivity, so keep those areas separate in the activities you do as well.

2. It creates a space that encourages productivity.

As much as you might love your bed, it simply isn’t the best space for you to get your tasks done for the day.

Going off of my previous point, creating a separate space for work boosters your productivity because you’re able to recognize the space as purely one of work, not play.

Of course, it’s important to have balance, and I’m not trying to say that your entire house should be about being productive. In fact, I’m suggesting the opposite.

Your home office is the place in your home where you cater everything towards being more productive in your time spent there. When you’re designing it, create a space that works for you, not against you!

If you know that a TV would distract you, don’t put one in your home office. For me, I love being able to walk or jog on the treadmill while getting my work done. So, a home office would have a treadmill.

It’s simple - whatever encourages productivity for you is what you should put in your home office.

3. It promotes a better attitude.

Sometimes we all need a change in scenery. Working from the same place every day can get boring, so how can we use a home office to switch this up? When you create your home office, make it intentionally movable.

Yes, I’ve just talked about the importance of having a specific space in your home for work. However, this isn’t for everyone.

For some, they need to move around in order to perform their best. If that speaks to you, remember that your home office truly only needs a few things to work well. If you can create a moveable cart, bag, or station that you can transport easily, you can essentially have a potable, home office. Cool, huh?

But, if you are the type to like a designated space, then go for it!

My point here is that your office at home should promote a better attitude. When you wake up in the morning and prep for your day, you should feel inspired to begin work in your home office.

Overall, home offices are trending right now, and I’m sure you can now understand why. Tune in to my podcast, House Hour, this Friday for more tips on actually designing a home office that is next level.

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