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The Best Way to Generate New Business

Figuring out how to generate new business is no easy feat. After all, there are countless coaching programs, advertisements, and books out there all preaching about how you can grow your business.

However, after researching about more on this subject, I’ve determined that there is only one way that supersedes the rest. The funny thing is, you’ve probably been doing it the whole time.

So, I’ll make it simple: you need to build relationships.

Yes, it really is that straightforward. If you want to build your business, you need to build relationships.

But, if it’s that easy, why do so many businesses fail?

The answer lies in the why, the how, and the when they built those relationships. Let me break it down for you.


You need a why in order to succeed in mostly anything in life. Your why is what inspires you to achieve greatness. It’s what you turn to when you need inspiration.

So, ask yourself why you want to build relationships, and also why they should want to build one with you. If you have nothing to offer them, maybe that relationship isn’t as strong as you thought.


How you build relationships is key. If you are too pushy, too shy, too scared, or even too proud, it can turn away people extremely fast.

You need to approach building relationships with a genuine mindset and make it about the other person!

I know this seems like it should be common sense, but far too often, we try to sell our business before we sell ourselves. Sound familiar?


Timing is truly everything. When you do purse a relationship? How do you know if the other person is open to it?

When you think about your timing in building relationships, I would encourage you to take the other person’s place into account first. Where are they at?

By having a client/customer mindset, you take away pressure from the relationship by making it about them!

If you follow the WHW (WHY, HOW, & WHEN) process to build relationships, you will surely begin to see an increase in customers in your brand and business.

Remember, think long term!

I hope this helped to shed some light on the one true way to generate new business.

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