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So, you bought a home...what next?

Congrats on buying a home! It's a big achievement and undertaking at the same time, so I'm here to help you get on track with your home responsibilities.

Here are 4 tips for new home buyers:

Change Out All Smoke Detector Batteries

Even if you think the previous owner changed them recently, it's always a good idea to replace them yourself.

Smoke detectors almost universally use the rectangular 9v batteries.

It's recommended to change them every 6 months. How should you keep track of this?

A quick tip is to replace them every time you set the clocks forward or back for Daylight Savings Time.

Replace the Air Filters

You should replace your air filters regularly! You can most likely find the ones you need at your local Home Depot and Lowe’s.

Worried that changing your air filter will be a taxing task? Don't be! Here's a quick tip from a local home inspector here in Las Vegas:

"Before climbing the ladder, go to the thermostat. There are hundreds of thermostats out there but almost all of them will have two switches or buttons. One for “System” and one for “Fan”. The fan switch or button will have two settings: “AUTO” and “On”. The normal position for the fan should be AUTO. But when changing out the air filters you should switch the setting to “On”.

Now, when you unlatch the grill, the filters will stay in place because they will be held in position by the suction of the fan. Before you install the new filter(s), I recommend you take a Sharpie and inscribe the date on the side of the filter that will be facing down so that you can see the date through the grill when you look up.

Now, when you place the filters in the proper position in the system return, the suction from the fan will hold them in place making it much easier to close the grill."

Change All of the Locks

After you take possession of the home, make sure the first thing you do is change all of the locks as well as any keypads that may be there for your garage.

This is going to make sure that your home is safe and secure.

I hope this helps you as you settle into your new home! Check in next week for a new topic. :)

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