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Let’s Talk Landscaping

1. Plan before you purchase

Before you decide to go out and buy the materials that you’ll need to complete your landscaping, make sure you have a detailed plan laid out beforehand. The reason for this is because once you buy the supplies, which could also be potentially pricey in the end, you want to have an idea of what you’re going to do with it all. Doing this earlier will help you to actualize your ideal landscape without any added stress! The plan you create should include aspects like your overall budget, a general map for plant and/or décor placement, and also your preferred design and care level. This leads us to our next tip!

2. Create a design that fits your home and your level of preferred care

If you live in a desert, like Las Vegas, you need to account for the fact that taking care of plants and landscaping requires a lot of water and can be tedious and expensive. For this reason, many desert dwellers choose to opt for desert landscaping. Beautiful rock arrangements can be cultivated to suit your landscaping preferences without all the maintenance. If you still want some greenery, there are many specific plants that are able to tolerate high heat that you could consider as well!

3. Make sure to account for necessary watering

If you live in an area that has dry and hot weather for most of the year, make sure you remember any watering that you will need to do on a regular basis. Setting up a drip system is an easy way to assure you plants are watered frequently and adequately while still reserving water. If you’d prefer a lower-maintenance approach, the next tip is for you!

4. Consider desert landscaping

Desert landscaping has increased in popularity throughout the years. By contouring the land with different shades and sizes of rocks as well as the occasional desert-tolerant plant, you can create beautiful scenery without any of the maintenance! I love looking to Pinterest for inspiration in this area. You could also consider adding in an element of desert décor too if you wanted to add unique features to the space.

5. Don’t forget lighting

Lighting has the power to be able to completely transform a space. Take advantage of this little detail by incorporating solar-powered lighting to highlight certain areas of your yard. There are also LED lights you can get that will shine a bit brighter, but solar ones work just as well! This is a great way to make your yard look just as pristine at night as it does during the day!

I hope this helps to give you some ideas about landscaping! It’s a powerful resource you can utilize to improve your curb appeal, also improving any first impressions that others have of your home as well!

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