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How to Prepare Yourself and Your Home Before a Sale

So, you're ready to sell your home! Congrats!

The home selling process can be extremely easy and rewarding if you go into it prepared and armed for success.

I am going to break down a few pointers for you to take into consideration as you prepare both yourself and your home before a sale. Let's get started!

Determine your ideal timeline - then give yourself buffer periods.

It's never a bad idea to double the amount of time you think you'll need. What's the worst that could'll finish earlier than expected!

Prepare all necessary documentation.

Ask your home selling team if there are any documents that you need before the sale starts rolling. Get it all together BEFORE you list!

Clean up your home.

This one is pretty standard - clean up your home before a sale to help give a great first impression to any buyers!

Don't neglect yourself!

This is the part of the post where I want to remind you that selling your home can be an emotional time, so don't neglect yourself!

If the home you are selling was your first home, or maybe it was where you raised your kids, or truly any other reason that made you attached to your home - give yourself the time you need to essentially say goodbye to that chapter of your life.

Remember to find a realtor that supports your goals.

When in doubt, ask your agent to find out! If you have any questions at all, make sure you talk to an agent you feel comfortable with.

Great agents don't rush you into selling if you aren't ready, but they also don't let you miss prime selling opportunities. Find someone who understands that balance.

If you prepare yourself to sell your home by doing the 5 things I listed above, I promise you that you will have a better home selling experience!

I always remind my clients that the best way to reduce stressful situations is by being prepared, so I hope you take that piece of advice along with you today as well! Have a great week everyone!

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