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How to Make the Most out of Your Garage Space

We've all been there. Our garage slowly becomes the spot where we dump everything but the kitchen sink.

I've found myself asking - how can I prevent clutter from piling up? (and I'm sure you've thought the same thing before too)

When you go about organizing your garage in a strategic way, you can get to the point where it functions easily and every item has a place.

It's easy to organize if you incorporate a few simple storage ideas. So, let's talk about ways you can make the most out of your garage space!

Out with the Old

Alright - before we get too into the organizing aspect of this garage makeover, you need to ACTUALLY declutter what you don't need anymore.

Once you feel like you've tossed the old, start to organize what remains into general piles and categories.

For example, keep the sports equipment together, the tools in one place, and the holiday decor in another.

If you can, use clear, plastic boxes to organize everything even further.

I love using these to keep my things tucked away and organized while still visible if I need to find something specific.

Where Does this Go?

If you know that you won't need your holiday decor until next year, maybe it can be tucked away a bit further back in your garage.

The thing to remember here is that you should keep what you use most often up front while storing less-frequent items in harder to reach areas.

Use Every Inch

Need more floor space to park your car but still have boxes to store away?

Take advantage of the ceiling!

Possessions like ladders and seasonal decor/items can be kept up high and out of the way, hung by clips or straps fastened to the ceiling joists.

The only thing to keep in mind is that you don't want this storage to interfere with the operation of the garage door, so double check the positioning of any storage hideaways before committing to them!

I hope this helped you get an idea of how you can start to maximize your garage space.

Especially if you're just moving into a new home, it can be really helpful to have an organized space outside of your home where you can store all those boxes that you have.

Best of luck and happy organizing!

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