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How to Actually Achieve Your Goals in 2023 (What No One Tells You)

If you set goals for the new year only to let them fizzle out after a few weeks or months, then this is for you.

Every new year, I sit down to write out my goals for the year, but it was only last year that I actually achieved most of them.

Every new year, I would have this boundless motivation that inspired me to get back to exercising, eat healthier, and work harder. But it wasn’t permanent, and that’s the issue.

We tend to head into the new year with a sense of new beginning that soon fades. We lose the sense of motivation to achieve our goals after a few weeks, and life just feels like life again.

We go through the motions and lose sight of what we felt so passionate about only a few weeks prior.

And here’s what’s crazy — that’s pretty normal. It’s normal to go through seasons of motivation and inspiration only to fall back into a valley of the mundane. That’s how life works.

However, the problem arises when you stop working towards your goals after losing your initial motivation. That’s where a lot of us get stuck.

I tried a new method to help me achieve my goals last year and ended up accomplishing nearly everything on my list. How’d I do it? I’m here to tell you the secret.

You need to focus on one habit a month that correlates to your main goal.

That’s it, just one habit.

No more, no less.

For example, let’s say you have a goal to make 2023 the year where you finally take your health seriously. You want to go to the gym, drink more water, change your entire diet, start running, do better skincare, etc…

If you approach January 1st with the intention of getting all of that done every day for the rest of the year, chances are you’re going to 1) burn out, 2) lose your motivation, 3) ultimately stop trying.

Instead of trying to conquer the world on day one, choose one habit that correlates to your goal.

Maybe for January, your habit will be to move your body in some way every day. And then maybe for February, your habit will be to go on a 15 minute walk every day. You get the idea.

The point of breaking down your goals into monthly habits is to help you build the foundation for success. When we dive into the goal we want to achieve without an actionable plan, we are much less likely to complete it.

An added bonus of this method is how it can help you build habits on top of each other.

Last year when I did this, I focused on moving my body every morning — even if it was just for 5 minutes. After I did that for a month, I was able to keep going with it while also starting my new habit.

Think of these habits as building blocks to help you reach that top goal.

And truth be told, that’s pretty much it.

Don’t overcomplicate things — just focus on one new habit every month of the year, and you’ll be on your way to actually achieving your goals this year.

I hope everyone has an incredible 2023, and here’s to the new year!

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