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Activities I’m Adding to my Summer Calendar

With summertime literally right around the corner for a lot of us, I wanted to talk about some things you can add into your routine, some habits you can start to build, and some activities you can start doing to make the most out of the summertime.

Whenever there’s a season change, I think it’s important that we evaluate what our lives look like now and how the time, weather, and lifestyle changes will have an impact.

It’s easy to see how our lives may look different in the summer compared to the winter, but what changes should we really be making?

I’ve broken it down into three categories: mind, body, and social. So, if you’re ready for a season change, let’s get into it. (There’s a list of habits to build at the bottom of each category too if you need more ideas!)


During the summer, we can start to engage in mindful practices in the sunshine instead of indoors.

This really does have an effect on our physical and mental health, so I would encourage you to take your meditation, journaling, and reading practices outside!

According to Tri-City Medical Center, the sun can have a hugeee impact on your mental and physical health.

Being exposed to some much needed sunshine can help increase your vitamin D, improve your mood, and even give you a higher quality of sleep.

I think this is so fascinating, especially as someone who struggles keeping a “sunny disposition” during the winter months.

So, to help your mind, get out into the sun during the summer. Make it a daily habit to go for a sunshine walk, lay outside for a bit, or take your morning reading from the couch to the patio.

Summer Habits for your Mind:

  • Read a book outside (here's some book recs!)

  • Journal as the sun rises or sets

  • Have a no phone day

  • Meditate in nature

  • Go for daily walks


I know I just talked about the importance of being in the sun for your mind, but there are also similar positive implications that will impact your body!

For example, more exposure to the sun can strengthen your bones and even lower your blood pressure.

I would suggest taking your workouts outside if possible. It gets pretty hot where I live, but even if I can do part of my workout outside in the morning, it’s totally worth it.

Another habit you can get into is biking instead of driving. While this is dependent on where you live, going out for a bike ride during the summer can be a great habit to get into when the weather is nice.

Summer Habits for your Body:


There’s usually tons to do during summer, and integrating these events and activities into our daily or weekly habits can be super fun.

At the beginning of summer, try writing down a type of bucket list full of things you want to do during summer. It can be with other people or on your own as well.

Once you have the list, reference it at the beginning of each week and choose 1-3 things from the list to do that week.

This is such a great practice/habit to get into! I do it practically all year round, but it’s especially great for those summer months.

Summer Habits for your Soul:

  • Go out with friends once a week

  • Meet someone new

  • Connect with someone you’ve lost touch with

  • Go to a coffee shop alone

  • Go to the library and then read at a park

  • Do something for someone else

  • Have a movie night

I hope that this gives you some ideas for things you can add to your calendar during the summer months! I’m super excited, and I hope you are too! :)

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