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5 Tips for Effective Networking

Is there a proper way to network? How do you meet people who will have an impact on your career? Let's talk about 5 tips for effective networking (and how you can start today!)

1. Optimize your LinkedIn profile

LinkedIn is an extremely valuable professional resource, and it's important that you take advantage of it!

If you aren't super active on social media, LinkedIn can be the perfect way for you to begin social interaction online while advancing your career networking.

If you need help setting up your LinkedIn, message me! I offer resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn services that are beneficial whether you're actively looking for a job or not.

2. Create valuable content

Start to create something online or in person that has the ability to draw people in. Creative content is a powerful way to network, and it's free! Writing blog posts, recording podcasts, sharing articles, and commenting on posts are all powerful ways to network.

The important part to remember is that the content you create should add value to the lives of the people who consume it.

The more unique the content is, the better your engagement will be (and the more people you'll be able to network with!)

3. Reach out to recruiters

If you're lost on what to do next, consider reaching out to recruiters directly. Like mentioned earlier, LinkedIn is a great way to reach out to industry profressioanls.

Recruiters know a LOT of people, and they are a great place to start networking if you're looking to advance your career.

4. Attend a networking event

Career fairs and networking events are ideal if you're looking to form connections in person.

You can find both in person and virtual fairs on sites like Meetup or Eventbrite, and you can even check FaceBook to see if anyone in your current circle knows of upcoming events!

If you're going to attend a networking event, make sure you're prepared. Bring business cards to give out and a positive attitude! Oh, and don't forget to follow up with people every so often so you don't lose the connection you've formed.

5. Build relationships with coworkers

Networking isn’t reserved for finding a new job or other opportunities. It's important that you continue to get to know your coworkers, as the relationships you form will sometimes have more of an impact that you might think.

If you don't work in a field where you can mingle with the people you work with, consider attending comapny events or being more outgoing during regular meetings.

You could also try to organize a lunch or social event every so often, as these small efforts will truly help you to transform your career life.

I hope this helps you think of ways you can network in your daily life. Best of luck, and let me know if you need any help during the job hunt or job improvement process!

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