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3 Areas People Overlook in a Home...but Shouldn't!

Sometimes when you first walk into a home there are certain areas that you tend to overlook because other ones catch your eye more, you’re not interested in them, or maybe because you didn’t think it was necessary to look at it.

I’m going to go over three areas that people overlook in a home but shouldn’t! Next time you find yourself looking for a new home, or even selling your own, pay attention to these three areas a little bit more than you usually would. You’ll be surprised at what you find when you look a little deeper.

1. The placement of power outlets and inconvenient wiring.

Nothing is more frustrating when you need a power outlet in a certain area but it just doesn’t fit, reach, or you simply don’t have one.

When you’re looking at a home, make sure you take into consideration the placement of the power outlets in relation to how you would use the home. Yes, there are ways to add more outlets and power sources, but it does help to know if you have as many as you need upfront. Also, take note of the placement of power outlets in bathrooms as well.

These are the little details that sometimes people overlook that may end up mattering to them more than anything later down the road. This is not to say that you shouldn’t buy at home because you don’t like the power outlet placement, but just something to keep in mind in case it comes in handy one day.

2. Lighting.

This is one of the more obvious points on the list. Of course, when you walk into your home you want to have natural lighting as well as artificial lighting that suits your own personal needs.

In order to make sure that you’re able to do this for yourself, you need to assess the placement of windows. This includes what direction they’re facing, if there are a lot, or maybe not many at all. If lighting isn’t as important to you, then this maybe doesn’t apply. But for many people, having natural light is important to both save on the electric bill as well as just for personal preference in a home as well.

Going off of this, you should also take note of what the lighting looks like in the home as far as electricity goes. Are there enough lights? You can always change the bulb color as well as anything of that sort, but if you wanted more light that’s built into the home and not through lamps or other additional lighting resources, you need to judge how abundant the built-in lighting is in the home.

3. The laundry room.

The reason the laundry room is on this list is because while people may step into it shortly to take a look at how it’s set up or maybe know where it is in the home, they often don’t really take a good look at it.

When I say take a good look at the laundry room, I’m talking about looking at the ways that it was maintained and even built. Is the quality that you see in the laundry room the same as the quality throughout the home because usually, it isn’t.

The laundry room is often a room that people think they rarely go to, however, it’s quite the opposite. You want to make sure that the quality of the laundry room is at least somewhat comparable to the rest of the home. While the kitchen may be perfectly maintained and you don’t see any problems with it, make sure you look at the laundry room and make sure that everything to do with it is in order as well.

Those are the 3 areas of a home that people often overlook...but shouldn't! Hopefully, that helps give you more insight into areas to take a look at next time you find yourself selling or buying a home. Remember, agents are trained to see these things, so it's just another benefit of working with an agent, like myself! Hope you have a great week everyone!

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