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22 Lessons I’ve Learned in 22 Years

It was my birthday over the weekend, and I spent a lot of time reflecting on my life - my choices, my relationships, my experiences, and so on.

I started to journal for a bit and ended up writing down 22 things I’ve learned in 22 years. It’s definitely not an original concept, but I did find them to be pretty useful.

So, I figured, why not share these lessons with more people in the hopes that someone else can find value in them. They’re all pretty short and to the point, so let’s just jump right in.

  1. The choices you make become who you are.

  2. Never be afraid to stand up for something you believe in.

  3. You can’t go through life without pain, so you need to learn how to soothe yourself through it.

  4. Make time for self-reflection.

  5. Life is not a linear path, you will go through peaks and valleys.

  6. Nothing is absolute.

  7. Become your own best friend.

  8. Emotions are temporary. Never make major decisions on an emotional high.

  9. People will come and go from your life, and that’s okay.

  10. People can disagree but still love each other.

  11. You have the power to change how you act at any second.

  12. Not everyone will like you.

  13. Never make choices based on the decisions of others.

  14. Spend time figuring out what life you want for yourself.

  15. You are your own worst critique.

  16. Mental health is just as important as physical health.

  17. Sometimes, it’s best to just stay quiet.

  18. Always say I love you.

  19. Grief is a process that is completely individual to you.

  20. You are allowed to say no to something that doesn’t serve you.

  21. Never go to bed angry, at anyone.

  22. Find something that makes you happy and never let it go.

Let me know if there are any big life lessons you’ve learned too. I'll be doing a deep dive into each of these lessons over on my podcast, so I hope to chat with you there too.

I’m excited to see what lesson this next year brings me.

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