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15 Steps to an Organized Home

Have you ever felt like your home is a bit unorganized but you don't even know where to start? Here are 15 steps (in a checklist format) for you to go through when you start your cleaning session!

A little pro tip: Start by separating your to-tidy list by each room in your home. This breaks down your tasks significantly, and it really helps you get a better idea of where in your home needs some TLC and where might be better off than you thought.

Let's get cleaning.


  • Make your bed

  • Do any laundry

  • Keep floors clean

Living room

  • Use baskets and storage bins to clean up any clutter

  • Open up windows for fresh air and natural light

  • Vacuum and dust where needed


  • Clean up the counter space

  • Do the dishes

  • Reorganize your fridge


  • Don’t forget to deep clean

  • Change out your towels

  • Refresh the space with a new candle or accessory

Exterior and Garage

  • Use storage containers to organize garage build-up

  • Pick any weeds and water all plants

  • Sweep up any messes

I hope this helps you get your home organized and cleaned up in no time!

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